ready ? I’m an idiot, I’m slow, I make mistakes, but i have a big heart and I put it to good use. Sometimes I just need to think before I act, and open my mouth when I’m not supposed to, but hey don’t we all make mistakes at times ?


8th Confession: Heartstrings Apart
Friday, 16 March 2012 | 0 comments

Assalamualaikum homo sapiens,
minta maaf lambat update blog k? kurang masa pesal exam. simple tak blog nie? napalaa, saya tak maw blog semak . cukup ada misai okay dah :) i'm moving on. forgetting her bit by bit. why ? we broke up. how ? there's no real love in her.

yes i'm broken :') tapi dah takdir. cintakan allah kekal dari mencintai insan. kan ? kita masih muda, tak perlu bazir air mata hanya kerana cinta. i'm renovating this blog if i have the time :) doesn't even matter right ? i only have 11 followers x) blog walkers please leave your tracks by following. i promise i will follow back :D thank you.

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