ready ? I’m an idiot, I’m slow, I make mistakes, but i have a big heart and I put it to good use. Sometimes I just need to think before I act, and open my mouth when I’m not supposed to, but hey don’t we all make mistakes at times ?


10th Confession: Memories .
Tuesday, 20 March 2012 | 0 comments

Don't say you can forget love by having a different love, because it will be a lonelier meet than separation.
Don't say that time heals all, because each moment will be like death to me. Yes, receiving love doesn't mean you have it. Covering time doesn't mean it passes. Breathing doesn't mean you're alive. Now I know :)

Don't say that the sun will rise tomorrow, because it will be a darker morning than night with you.
Don't say the ground hardens after the rain, because it will be a relief that is more frustrating than our memories.
My insides is empty, my smile is dead. But you say it was better when i was with you. I did became normal, my heart became burdensome. So i emptied it out a lot. I'm really going crazy . Please stop saying words of comfort that i cant hear. Even though my heart will bloom again. I've got no tomorrow .


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